The type of porn women are into

Up until recently, girls watching porn was essentially taboo, it was mostly regarded that women had no need for such things, for they are pure. In the 21st century, we’ve learned that women too, enjoy sex, and that they too want porn. The porn industry, being as responsive as it is, replied in kind, unleashing a wave of female friendly porn, this is especially apparent in the actions of industry giants such as pornhub. There, the female friendly category is one of the most popular porn categories. While this new shift is welcome, it doesn’t answer a large question for many of us, what IS ‘female friendly’ porn, or in other words, what kind of porn do girls like?

It Depends

While it may be unintuitive, this question is just as ambiguous as asking “What kind of porn do men like?” This kind of question seems obviously absurd, as all kinds of men exist, all with their own preferences, likes and dislikes. These are different from man to man, and even the tendencies displayed shift from region to region. While women may have started watching more porn recently, their preferences are no less varied than those of men.

But There Must Be Trends Right?

As with every other demographic, women do show certain trends in watching porn. Obviously, these aren’t what every single female in the world likes, however they are general pointers as to what might appeal to the female demographic.

The most searched category for women, according to a study conducted by Pornhub is lesbian. On this point, it is unclear if the women searching are actually lesbians, or if its simply due to the fact that lesbian porn tends to feature the most passion, and that it focuses on the girl, rather than the man. A difference in the way how women and men experience porn is that men want to fuck the girl, but girls want to feel like the girl.

Gay is next, and this is presumably for the same reason men watch lesbian porn, women love seeing hot, ripped men fucking each other.  The teen category however, is mostly a byproduct of it being listed under so many videos that its essentially lost its meaning.

In conclusion, while women aren’t a monolith, and each woman likes different things, there are certain things in common to most women when it comes to watching porn.