A lot of harassment has been going on in most dating apps especially men seem to have the upper hand. This will no longer be the case as there are apps that allow women to have the upper hand in dating. Here are some of the best dating apps for women:


This app allows the woman to make the first move. If a man swipes right, you have 24 hours to respond to his request. If you are not interested, the request will disappear and this makes it impossible to get harassment from people you are not interested in.

This app is focused on boosting a woman’s confidence and ability to take charge of the relationship. It is also a great site if you want to be in a same-sex relationship.


This dating app has a unique configuration as it does not involve swiping. You will get into questions and answers that will spark a conversation naturally if you are able to go beyond the questions and answers, you can organize a meeting and take it from there.

As a woman, you will feel safer dealing with a person you are able to agree or hold a meaningful conversation. If the relationship will lead to a date, you will already be acquainted and it will not be awkward.


The app is designed to connect people with common interests and values. For instance, if you love pets, you will connect with a fellow pet lover and this will give you a common ground to start off your relationship.

The app encourages bonding over something you love doing. If you love, yoga, getting a man who loves yoga too will be appropriate. You will find an actual connection as you interact in doing something that you can relate to.

Coffee Meets Bagel

For this app, a guy will be sent a maximum of 21 matches at noon that are referred to as Bagels. This will be done by checking Facebook profiles so that people of the same interests or experiences can be connected.

The men will either like or pass the matches and the app will then select the best match for each woman, based on the interested men. As a woman, you will not have to worry if a guy is interested in you as this has already been sorted by the app.