Unlike in the past where women were comfortable with junior positions in business, today’s women are taking the lead. It is not surprising to find a woman at the helm of a very successful business. There are women who have been able to beat all odds and emerge to the top.

This is not an easy task for the women as there are still challenges they have to overcome to get on the same level as men. Looking at the available statistic, 75% of the global business establishments have a woman in a leadership position. This is a huge improvement considering that in 2016; only 66% of the businesses had a woman in a leadership position.

Looking at the senior management levels, there is a 1% drop in the number of companies that have women in these positions. Despite these notable improvements, one woman representative in the managerial level is not enough to drive the women’s agenda home. She will only be 1% against 99% of the men and in most cases; she will have to agree with what the men say.

There is a need for businesses to get away from demeaning theories that men can perform better than men. According to research, companies that have most women in leadership positions perform better compared to businesses wherethe majority of the leaders are men.

The women have to work on getting their voices heard as well. When granted a responsibility, carrying it out as a leader and not a female will help to stamp her authority in the business world. Women also need to support their fellow women in business.

There are many instances where a woman would rather support a man who is vying for a leadership position than support his fellow woman. This makes women the enemy of their own progress which works to the advantage of the men. If the women need to have a bigger impact in the business world, they must learn to support one another.