Women may claim to be physically stronger than the women but it is what the women do that proves that they are stronger. They will shoulder a lot of responsibilities that a man would find impossible to handle. Here are the reasons why women are the stronger gender:

It is natural

From the time a woman is born, there are clear indications that she is strong and can overcome more problems than men. Looking at the statistics on infant mortality rate, the chances of survival for a girl child are higher than that of the boys.

If you subject a male and infant to the same conditions, the chances of survival for the girl are 10% more than the boy. Even when a female infant is in her mother’s womb, the chances of survival are higher than the boys.

Women are better survivors

A woman is able to persevere hardships than men which makes her live longer. There are reports indicating that a woman will live 6 year more than a man would.

They are physically tough

Though you may argue that a man is stronger based on his physical attributes, women are stronger than them. In the athletics world, you will come across some women who perform better than the men or at the same level.

They are quick to seek medical help

When a woman suspects that she is suffering from a health complication, she will seek treatment. This will enable the doctor to reverse the condition before it becomes worse. Most men will only seek medical attention when their case has worsened which could make the condition irreversible.

Women work harder than men

In today’s world, women do not sit back and wait for their husbands to provide for the family. They will rise early in the morning, attend to their house chores, and then go to work. In addition, a woman will bear the burden of bearing children. A man who is subjected to a similar situation will most like not survive it.

If you are a woman, it would not be a wonder if all your man does is lie back and watch TV as you handle all the duties in the house. Women have a inners strength that is beyond what we can imagine. She may have every reason to cry, but she will wear her smile to the end.